Club Race Day Nomination Form

Below is the Race Day Nomination Form that needs to be filled out every club race day, this gives us an idea on catering numbers and allows us to input your details into the computer and setup for grid draws for the heats. You are still require to fill out a different form for Title Events and Big Shows !

Failure to fill out this form will put you at Rear Of Field for ALL Heat Races. Nominations to be received by 5pm Thursday before Racing for Sunday Race Meetings, and 5pm Wednesday before Saturday Night Meetings. VQS Reserve the rights to refuse any entry.

Cost of Racing is as Follows

$20 for your first Class and $10 for every class thereafter, $30 per class for Non-Members (payable by cash on the day to the club treasurer) For Special Feature events (Trophy) added to Championship Rounds the cost of the second trophy class will be $15


Sunday Meetings: Gates will be open at 8.30am, Racing will start at 10am
Saturday Night Meetings: Gates will open at 3pm, Racing will start at 5pm